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Sorted listing of Schuylkill County, PA Estate records at

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The following show the death date and summary value of real estate reported by the adminstrator.

Full Estate Files

These are the complete estate files - very nice! Start with the index to see if the file exists, then browse that year to find it (which takes a lot of time and they are not exactly ordered correctly within a year). This is the most complete information, but also check the Orphan's Court (even when there were no orphan's!) and Wills sections below.

Orphan's Court

First go to OC Index, then to the OC Docket. There is information in here that is not in the estate records above and also for cases where there is no estate file.

No index, so you'd need to browse through these by date.

Use the indexes in the front of most volumes of Letters of Administration. The Letters of Administration were created after someone died assigning someone to take care of the estate. It sometimes provides family relationships and usually the place where the person resided.


The following will index also has death dates for all but the earliest people.


These are "indices to nowhere" and have limited use. You would need to find the corresponding dockets to get the information.